About College Lacrosse Consulting

Its easy to be recruited when you're the best player on the field


But what about everyone else?  We've been very fortunate having amazing players with amazing grades. They stand out on the field and they stand out in the classroom. But what can we offer to those that fall just short in one or both categories?


What we have done is make a financial commitment to a recruiting coordinator and database. Players in the Dynamic Sprorts Club Organizations will have their profile listed on the Dynamic Sports College Consulting website, currently in beta testing. It will serve several purposes. Every player will have the chance to load their profile with all of their personal pedigree information including:


  • Personal and Contact Info
  • Grades + Test Scores
  • Physical Measurements
  • Upload Gamefilm

Visitors to the password protected site will be able to sort through all of DSM's HS players. For example, if a coach is looking for a left handed attacker in the 2019 grad year, they can run a search and results will populate from our players in LI, Tristate, North Carolina, Florida, Baltimore, New Jersey and Houston. This will be our own, in-house managed clearinghouse of players.