Is this included in my club team tuition?

Your player profile listing is absolutely covered in your Dynamic Sports club team tuition.  This includes your profile listing on our custom built database, as well as two annual recruiting seminars led by Brendan Chamberlain and special guests.  Players will have the option to have game film evaluated, college recommendations made based on their ability and transcript and have Brendan advocate on their behalf to coaches who fit their abilities and grades.  Click here to check out the options.


What type of exposure will this lead to for my son?

What we are seeking to achieve is to steer you in the right direction.  We are offering our expertise to help you figure out the best approach to getting recruited.  The DSM staff has over 35 years of experience in the market to leverage their relationships to advise your child of what program is best for you.


How do I determine what schools are a good fit for my son?

Coach Chamberlain will break down the info that you've submitted on your questionnaire and use that data and match it up against the latest recruiting trends to determine a list of schools that you should be targeting. Each child is different, we will consult with the prospect and determine what college is a great match for you. Some examples are; academic needs of the family, variety of majors/degrees offered, athletic program pros and cons, campus life, potential for advanced degrees and post graduate career opportunities.


Is there a definitive list of prospect days and recruiting events that we can refer to?

We will constantly be updating our calendar of prospect days and recruiting events.  You can see the list by clicking here.


How do I contact Dynamic Sports College Consulting?

The best way to get in touch with us is by sending Brendan Chamberlain an email at brendan@collegelacrosseconsulting.com.